A fully 3D space shooter

AS+CEND is a space shooter where you pilot powerful combat ships in ferocious clashes against other players. Our intuitive controls let you easily accomplish the basics -- moving with confidence with six degrees-of-freedom, aiming your weapons and firing them. Once you've mastered these fundamentals, you'll find that victory will only come to those who can grasp our unique combat experience.

Our basic mechanics combine together to lead into deeper techniques that you can explore to get an edge in combat. The fully 3D movement combine with the complex environments let you ambush enemies or juke around cover to escape a bad engagement. The weapon firing sequence combined with the directional shielding will require you to cleverly exploit openings in your opponents defences while carefully guarding your own weak points. The precise navigation flight mode combines with the focused tactical flight mode to let you confound your foes with advanced flight maneuvers.

Omnidirectional combat

Combat with AS+CEND ships is a deliberate battle of deadly intent that can quickly become a frantic fight for your life, or a evolve into satisfying kill when all goes according to plan. Each side of these ships has it's own shields and equipment but a well-placed barrage of shots on an exposed facing can quickly cripple a vessel. Keeping your shields up and oriented to your opponents is the key to survival, but if you want victory you'll need to risk dropping your defenses to launch your own devastating assaults.

Beyond the wide array of kinetic and energy weapons, there are a number of special abilities that you can use to mix up your enemies and throw them off-balance. These can come from ability modules you've equipped or may be intrinsic to the ship frame itself. Methodical use of your weapons, abilities and shields is the key to claiming perfect wins.

Combat Mechanics

Every side of the ship has a shield that mitigates damage on that side. Hits to shielded facings do reduced damage and prevent the death of a ship. Hits to unshielded sides do full damage and have the potential to destroy the vessel.
Weapon and Ability Modules
Each facing can have a weapon or ability module attached to it. Activating these modules will cause that facing to attack with the equipped weapon, or start the equipped ability effect, but will also lower the shield on that side.
Damage Types
Shields can be destroyed by hitting them with the correct damage types --
  • kinetic weapons damage kinetic shields
  • energy weapons damage energy shields
  • Some modules do combined damage and will hurt all shield types
Flight Modes
There are two flights modes: Navigation Flight Mode (NavFlight) and Tactical Flight Mode (TacFlight) --
  • NavFlight is the default means of controlling your ship and allows for full control of your ship along all six degrees of freedom
  • TacFlight engages when you are locked onto an enemy and changes your flight model to an orbital focus around your target

An ever-developing toolkit

We're working hard to bring more tools of destruction to the table. New ship frames will offer different movement styles and ultimate abilities to confound your enemies. New weapons will impose a variety of deadly threats in your conflicts. New abilites will create more opportunities for you to dazzle your opponents.

Are you a quick study and able to learn these new toys as they are released? Or maybe you're student of patient persistence, devoted to the mastery of one perfect weapon? However you choose to fight, the ability to adapt to the ever changing face of war will be a key factor in avoiding defeat and securing victory.

Regularly Updated Content

Ship Frames
We plan to introduce new ship frames each with a unique layout of equipment slots, movement power and ultimate ability.
Weapon Modules
We're going to regularly add new weapons to the existing weapon types as well as introduce brand new archetypes.
Ability Modules
We'll be adding new and interesting abilities to the game to mix up the combat formula and keep fights from getting too comfortable.
Emblem Unlocks
We'll be adding pretty new emblems to attach to your Ascendant with some even locked behind requirements. Hey, Everyone loves showing off their hard work.
The leaderboards will be constantly upated and most of these will be reset with each new "season" or major content release.

Upcoming Features

Skirmishes will be 2 vs 2 matches that will allow players to combine their mastery of AS+CEND's unique combat mechanics with the thrill of coordination and teamwork.
Battles will be 3 vs 3 matches that will give players the chance to emphasize their teamplay in more goal-oriented game modes.
Combat Arenas
We'll be developing more maps, generally timed against other major feature releases. Maps will be introduced in sets of combat arena that are all similarly themed and will be used in most of the game modes.
Everything from cosmetics to custom ship layouts, we're planning on allow players to tailor their equipment to their own desired play style.
Ranked Play
We're planning on having seasonal ranked options for players who wish to play with and against similar skilled players and challenge themselves to rise through the ranks.

Ships and Equipment

Hien-class Patrol Vessels

Manufacturer Northern Consolidated Productions
Designation Type-40V
Role Patrol/Light Duty
Variants Standard, Assault, Command

NorCon integrated the AS+CEND control system into the venerable Type-40 heavy cruiser design to create this design. It's been officially designated the Type-40V and named the Hien-class after a particularly brazen test pilot.

As a light duty frame, the Hien-class is designed to be deployed under Ascendant control in solo patrols or, in a pinch, as a support craft in larger engagements. Easy to produce using widely available materials, this frame is often used by newer Ascendants for its cost effectiveness and by more experienced ones when linking into remote theaters.

Compatible Modules

Lightforge PPW

Manufacturer Carrus Designs
Designation CD/720
Module Type Pulse Projection Weapon
Damage Type energy

The Lightforge PPW fires intense energy blasts in a series of quick three-shot bursts. Effective at a moderate range with a manageable recharge cycle, this weapon has been relied upon for years among AS+CEND enabled vessels.

Hailstorm RWS

Manufacturer Titan Dynamics
Designation TDG/RAIL.110
Module Type Railed Weapon System
Damage Type kinetic

The Hailstorm RWS incorporates a unique rail charging system which allows the weapon array to fire its slugs progressively faster as the magazine is emptied. Unfortunately the rapid charge grid cannot create as strong a field as traditional single fire systems which reduces the effective range of this railgun.

ProxDet Fabricator

Manufacturer OmniCore Systems
Designation OCS/FAB-DRPRX
Module Type Drone Fabricator
Damage Type combined

OmniCore has adapted their popular AutoFab line to create the ProxDet Fabricator which can create drones loaded with a powerful explosive payload. Once deployed they will follow their control ship until a threat is close where upon they will attempt to collide and explode on the target.

Pisces-class Recon Vessels

Manufacturer Titan Dynamics
Designation SN-F1/S
Role Recon/Support Duty
Variants Standard, Assault, Support

The Pisces Recon vessel is a frame used throughout the SolAdmin for recon or scout roles.

Generally self-sufficient, the Pisces-class is also often tasked to serve as a fleet support craft due to its advanced field module abilities. The standard layout includes a single Bulwark FLD module which can shield itself and its allies, as well as two Novalance PPWs and a single Cascade BPE.

Compatible Modules

Novalance PPW

Manufacturer Ares Defense Designs
Designation PW-307
Module Type Pulse Projection Weapon
Damage Type energy

By emitting quick bursts of energy in rapid succession, Pulse Projector Weapons are designed to overload energy field shields and impart massive thermal damage to hulls. The Novalance design fires three overpowered two-shot bursts that maintain cohesion for a long distance. Because of the overloaded nature of this design, the frame is anchored spatially during the fire cycle.

Cascade BPE

Manufacturer Titan Dynamics
Designation TDG/PBM.600
Module Type Beam-Particle Emitter
Damage Type kinetic

Beam Particle Emitters produce a torrent of high-energy particles that designed to batter away at physical barriers and quickly fracture ship hulls. Because of the unstable and high energy nature of this weapon, maintaining a coherent particle beam at significant range is quite difficult and most combat-ready BPEs are designed for short range engagements.

Bulwark Field Generator

Manufacturer Jovian Forgeworks
Designation BLWF-JV
Module Type Field Generator
Damage Type support

The Bulwark FLD creates field of reduced absolute velocity in a shell around a few ships, resulting in reduced damage from both kinetic and energy weapons while the field is active. This means that ships covered by Bulwark FLD take significantly reduced damage to its hull while the effect can be maintained.

Combat Adapted Tanker Vessels

Manufacturer Omnicore Systems
Designation OC1-TSL
Role Picket/Escort Duty
Variants Standard, Assault, Vanguard

The OC1 vessel frames were adapted from a fuel tanker design for combat duty. Surprisingly sturdy, the Tanker vessels are well suited for picket and escort roles but their adapted design has resulted in an inefficient thrust-to-mass ratio for its omnidirectional thruster system.

The default variant of the Tanker vessels employs two disruptive Arclight RWS modules to compensate for it's reduced speed. Coupled with a weaponized high energy mining laser for a strong close range strike and a SentryDet drone fabricator for controlling enemy movement, these adapted frames can be very dangerous if they can close the distance.

Compatible Modules

Firestorm EBA

Manufacturer Bright Moon Designs
Designation S41-BE
Module Type Energy Beam Array
Damage Type energy

Based on an excavation beam, the Firestorm is designed to drive a massive amount of thermal energy on a target. With a longish cooldown time and fairly short range, this energy beam array give Ascendants a high damage burst option if they can manage to get up close to an opponent.

Arclight RWS

Manufacturer Ares Defense Solutions
Designation RG-800
Module Type Railed Weapon System
Damage Type kinetic

The Arclight Railed Weapon System a railgun that fires titanium slugs that have an onboard EMP device. When striking a target the EMP detonates which will cripple any exposed systems. Unfortunately most combat frames are hardened against EMP so generally this weapon can be expected only to disrupt the thuster controls of the targetted frame, slowing down their movements.

SentryDet Fabricator

Manufacturer OmniCore Systems
Designation OCS/FAB-DRSNT
Module Type Drone Fabricator
Damage Type combined

Sentry Detonation drones are programmed to maintain a perimeter around a central point. They create a powerful disruptive field between them preventing any of the common movement abilities combat frames have been designed with from crossing the perimeter. Each drone will detonate against vessels that fly too close, though they do not seek out targets and instead prefer to maintain the disruptive perimeter.