Updated patrol equipment


This content update makes major changes to the equipment mechanics for Patrol mode.

We have decided that the Designer system originally implemented was not diverse enough in terms of build variety and choices. We have replaced this system with an equipment slot upgrade mechanics where each individual equipment slot can upgrade their slot abilites in addition to equiping an item into that slot. These upgrades are dropped randomly in addition to slot equipment.

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Updated patrol mode


This update has been focused on balancing and fleshing out the single player rogue-like Patrols mode.

We've added three new Patrol Targets that are the ultimate focus on each patrol. You will encounter the same boss multiple times throughout a single run as you advance in threat levels. With each fight they will get stronger until you finally defeat it at the High Threat level.

In addition we've made numerous balance tweaks to the weapons and added a new weapon: the Stinger rapid fire pulse cannon.

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New single player mode: Patrols!


This content update brings a brand-new gameplay mode: Patrols!

This is a single player rogue-like mode where you take one of our unique combat vessel frames and attempt to survive a variety of deadly encounters. Progress and customize your frame each run with upgrades and modules that are randomly dropped after encounters.

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New maps: Mars


We've added another set of multiplayer arenas to AS+CEND today. Now all the 2v2 matches will take place on our Mars biome. This gives us two distinct combat theaters for you to destroy your enemies in!

For now all Duels will be using our Luna Station biome while all Skirmishes will be happening over on Mars, but we'll be extending both biomes to all modes in the future in addition to crafting more biomes.

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New Ships Added!


We're happy to announce another update today! You may notice that these have been coming pretty quickly, and we're really proud that we're showing off how you can see an Early Access title evolve. With these updates we keep the core gameplay mechanics we spent painstaking hours polishing and we've been focused on creating new content for players to engage with that gameplay.

This content update introduces another new set of ships! This brings AS+CEND up to nine different vessels which players can use to destroy each other. The new set of ships is based around the Tanker class of vessel frames, a slower, stronger frame with equipment sets designed to lock down an opponent and pound them into submission.

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Skimish Mode!


We're excited to announce that our second update to AS+CEND is now live!

This content update brings a 2 vs 2 Skirmish mode to our game. Pair up with a friend and challenge others to this intense new combat mode. It also introduces a new combat arena, the Commercial Sector, which has been designed to be a 2v2 combat area.

In addition we've finished integrating with the Steam friends list, so you can invite your friends to a party and play along side them!

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We'll also be streaming gameplay Live starting at 11 AM (PST) on our Twitch channel explaining the new content and answering any questions you have!

AS+CEND Updated!


We're pleased to announce that AS+CEND is getting it's first content update today!

We've added three new ships for players to take into combat. These new designs revolve around a brand new ship frame: the SN-F1 Pisces Recon frame and it's packing a new Super and Dash to mix things up in combat. In addition, these new ships also come with three new pieces of equipment: the Cascade BPE, the Novalance PPW, and the Bulwark FLD. Fire up AS+CEND and check it out!

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We'll also be streaming gameplay Live starting at 11 AM (PST) on our Twitch channel explaining the new content and answering any questions you have!

Streaming on Release day!


We'll be streaming live on Twitch on the 26th, the day AS+CEND is release Early Access. Come check out the gameplay and maybe get a key to play with us during the stream!

Live starting at 11 AM (PST) on our Twitch channel!

Early Access Release on 9/26!


We're so excited to be releasing our game for Early Access on Steam! It comes out on September 26th and we're looking forward to having people try out our complex space PVP combat.

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AS+CEND Gameplay Video


We've prepared another video featuring longer game play sequences that highlight the combat available in our game!

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We're back from TwitchCon!


We had a blast at TwitchCon but are really glad to be back in Seattle. We got some amazing feedback on AS+CEND and are now hard at work polishing up our game! Today is also our Friday livestream of general testing. We'll be doing a 1v1 match today to test out some new sound integrations and as a general stability check for our Twitch integrations.

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AS+CEND Trailer


We've put together a short trailer video for AS+CEND! It highlights our game features and shows some cool gameplay moments.

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