Features Intended For Release

We welcome input from the community and would love to get ideas and suggestions as we develop this Early Access title. That being said, we've got a solid idea of the features we intend to have for the full release of AS+CEND and we've listed them here along with their current progress. As we get ideas and feedback from the community we'll update this roadmap to accommodate new requets and ideas. Check back here if you are curious about what we're working on!

Ship Frames

117.0式 Hien-class Standard Patrol Frame Done!
A classic combat vessel frame that's seen heavy use since the days of the Secession Wars. Sturdy with support for a powerful weapons grid, the current standard variant comes with a Hailstorm RWS, two Lightforge PPWs and a ProxDet DRF.
117.1式 Hien-class Assault Patrol Frame Done!
An assault variant of the Hien-class patrol craft. This frame layout is intended for longer sustained combat operations and sacrifices the ProxDet drones in favor of two Hailstorm RWS's along with two Lightforge PPWs to allow this frame to unleash an extended barrage of fire against enemy vessels.
117.2式 Hien-class Command Patrol Frame Done!
An command variant of the Hien-class patrol craft. This frame layout alternative is designed to have a stronger short-term effective firepower than the standard variant. It is often used as a troubleshooter in larger engagements, where a quick burst of firepower can turn the tide of the battle.
SN-F1/S Pisces Standard Recon Frame Done!
The Pisces Recon vessel is a frame used throughout the SolAdmin for recon or scout roles. In a pinch these may also serve as fleet support craft. The standard layout includes a single Bulwark FLD module which can shield itself and its allies, as well as two Novalance PPWs and a single Cascade BPE.
SN-F1/C Pisces Support Recon Frame Done!
A support variant of the Pisces recon craft designed that has been designed to support two FLD modules. This layout is designed to offer the Pisces frame a stronger support option, doubling the amount of Bulwark FLD modules available for use at the cost of one of the Novalance PPWs.
SN-F1/A Pisces Assault Recon Frame Done!
An assault variant of the Pisces recon craft. This frame layout is intended for long-term combat operations, generally in a containment role. It sacrifices the Bulwark FLD in favor of two Cascade BPEs along with two Novalance PPWs to allow this variant to engage in sustained stand-off engagements.
OC1-TSL Combat Adapted Tanker Vessel Done!
The OC1 vessel frames were, like it's name says, adapted from a fuel tanker design for combat duty. Surprisingly sturdy, the Tanker vessels are well suited for picket and escort roles but their adapted design has resulted in an inefficient thrust-to-mass ratio for its omnidirectional thruster system.
OC1-TSC Vanguard Adapted Tanker Vessel Done!
This is the Vanguard variant of the OC1 Tanker vessel. This variant has been designed with protective details in mind and relies on its double SentryDet drone fabricators to keep enemies at bay.
OC1-TSA Assault Adapted Tanker Vessel Done!
This is the Assault variant of the OC1 Tanker vessel. This variable dispenses with the drone fabricator in favour of an extra Firestorm energy beam array. This gives the Assault Tanker an extremely strong, albeit close-ranged, punch.


Lightforge Pulse Projector Weapon Done!
By emitting quick bursts of enegy in rapid succession, Pulse Projector Weapons are designed to overload energy field shields and impart massive thermal damage to hulls. The Lightforge design fires two six-shot bursts, the first for destroying the opponent's shield and the second to impact massive damage to their vessel frame.
Hailstorm Railed Weapon System Done!
Railguns are a common weapon system designed for efficiently breaking kinetic shields and delivering massive blows to ship hulls. The Hailstorm RWS uses residual energy from each launch to increase the charge speed of the next slug: this results in increasingly fast fire rate as the weapon fires.
ProxDet Drone Fabricator Done!
Drone Fabricator modules are common on many vessels, military or civilian. Most are multi-purposed and can produce drone types as needed, but combat drone fabricators are designed to produce only one drone type due to resource and time requirements. This module creates explosive drones that will wait for an enemy vessel to get near before burning towards them and attempting to detonate against their hull.
Novalance Pulse Projector Weapon Done!
By emitting quick bursts of enegy in rapid succession, Pulse Projector Weapons are designed to overload energy field shields and impart massive thermal damage to hulls. The Novalance design fires three overpowered two-shot bursts that maintain cohesion for a long distance. Because of the overloaded nature of this design, the frame is anchored spatially during the fire cycle.
Cascade Beam Particle Emitter Done!
Beam Particle Emitters produce a torrent of high-energy particles that designed to batter away at physical barriers and quickly fracture ship hulls. Because of the unstable and high energy nature of this weapon, maintaining a coherent particle beam at significant range is quite difficult and most combat-ready BPEs are designed for short range engagements.
Bulwark Field Generator Done!
Only a few shields have the power grid throughput needed to properly run a Field Generator module. The fields produced by these FLD modules can have a variety of useful effects, but most of these are short lived as the energy requirements quickly multiply as the field is maintained. The Bulwark FLD creates field of reduced absolute velocity in a shell around a few ships, resulting in reduced damage from both kinetic and energy weapons while the field as active. This means that ships covered by Bulwark FLD take significantly reduced damage to its hull while the effect can be maintained.
Arclight RWS Done!
The Arclight Railed Weapon System a railgun that fires titanium slugs that have an onboard EMP device. When striking a target the EMP detonates which will cripple any exposed systems. Unfortunately most combat frames are hardened against EMP so generally this weapon can be expected only to disrupt the thuster controls of the targetted frame, slowing down their movements.
Firestorm EBA Done!
Based on an excavation beam, the Firestorm is designed to drive a massive amount of thermal energy on a target. With a longish cooldown time and fairly short range, this energy beam array give Ascendants a high damage burst option if they can manage to get up close to an opponent.
SentryDet Drone Fabricator Done!
Sentry Detonation drones are programmed to maintain a perimeter around a central point. They create a powerful disruptive field between them preventing any of the common movement abilities combat frames have been designed with from crossing the perimeter. Each drone will detonate against vessels that fly too close, though they do not seek out targets and instead prefer to maintain the disruptive perimeter.

Combat Modes and Arenas

Tutorial Done!
A lesson in Ascendant skills. The tutorial is designed to teach new players the basic skills required to fight with AS+CEND vessels.
Practice Done!
Combat with other Ascendants is tough! The Practice mode pits you against AI controlled vessels that are designed to adapt to your skill level. Use this mode to gain confidence and explore your vessel's capabilities.
Training Arena Planned
An area to experiement with frames and abilties.
Duel Done!
Face off directly against another Ascendant as you see who's the better combat pilot. This 1v1 mode tests each pilots combat skills with no game mode gimmicks other than kill the other player!
Skirmish Done!
This 2 vs 2 mode is an exciting round-based team combat mode where each team's combat ability will be tested. This mode adds the elements of coordination and distraction to the already deep and complex 3D space combat that you can experience in the 1 vs 1 Duel mode.
Patrols Done!
A single player rogue-like mode where you take your AS+CEND vessel on patrols against pirates, saboteurs, and military elements.
Battles Planned
Battles are larger fights between groups of 3 or more Ascendants. With interesting match objectives, this mode tests each team's coordination and group combat prowess.