Fully 3D Space Shooter

Omnidirectional Combat

Ever-developing toolkits

About the game

A fully 3D space shooter

AS+CEND is a space shooter where you pilot powerful combat ships in ferocious clashes against other players. Our intuitive controls let you easily accomplish the basics -- moving with confidence with six degrees-of-freedom, aiming your weapons and firing them. Once you've mastered these fundamentals, you'll find that victory will only come to those who can grasp our unique combat experience.

Omnidirectional combat

Combat with AS+CEND ships is a deliberate battle of deadly intent can quickly become a frantic fight for you life, or a evolve into satisfying kill when all goes according to plan. Each side of these ships has it's own shields and equipment but a well-placed barrage of shots on an exposed facing can quickly cripple a vessel. Keeping your shields up and oriented to your opponents is the key to survival, but if you want victory you'll need to risk dropping your defenses to launch your own devastating assaults.

Beyond the wide array of kinetic and energy weapons, there are a number of special abilities that you can use to mix up your enemies and throw them off-balance. These can come from ability modules you've equipped or may be intrinsic to the ship frame itself. Methodical use of your weapons, abilities and shields is the key to claiming perfect wins.

An ever-developing toolkit

We're working hard to bring more tools of destruction to the table. New ship frames will offer different movement styles and ultimate abilities to confound your enemies. New weapons will impose a variety of deadly threats in your conflicts. New abilites will create more opportunities for you to dazzle your opponents.

Are you a quick study and able to learn these new toys as they are released? Or maybe you're student of patient persistence, devoted to the mastery of one perfect weapon? However you choose to fight, the ability to adapt to the ever changing face of war will be a key factor in avoiding defeat and securing victory.


Interested in what's coming up next for AS+CEND?

Check out our current roadmap where we've listed what new features and changes we're working on. Check back often as we will be updating this frequently throughout development!

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